Top 10 Tamil Web series to Binge Watch During this Quarantine.

Top 10 Tamil Web series to Binge Watch During this Quarantine.

There are tons of good web series streaming online to boost your quarantine. If you feel confused to choose from, this article will help you to find the correct list. It will definitely be satisfying. All the streaming sites across India and all most over the world, have put more emphasis on their own programming […]

illisa: a short film review

Illisha: Short Film Review.

The short film ‘Illisha’ is a film by Naveen Raj and is produced by SHORT TIME TAMIL FILMS. It is a Tamil short film giving us a romantic comedy nudge in the beginning. The story binds between love and friendship twinging around the character. The movie is widely enhanced by the humor dialogues delivered by […]

Corner Stone for Feature Films.

Short Films, a Corner Stone for Feature Films.

Have you ever wondered that many feature films get their lead from shorts? Yes, you might be surprised to know that some of your favorite featured films actually began as short films. Short films are rarely noted by the audience and are often the neglected portions of the film industry. However, it has to be […]

Top 5 unsubstantiated messages about COVID-19 circulating in social media.
Top 5 Tactics to habituate social distancing to your business

Top 5 Tactics to habituate social distancing to your business

The Novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has almost driven everyone’s life at risk including those who are into business. This might probably not be a boon for those who depend on their daily wage to lead their life. The uncertainty that this lockdown has initiated on us is not expected as well. Despite the rumors, […]

Top 5 Big Myths about COVID-19 you should know
How is COVID-19 affecting the film industry? Answer by Shortfundly - filmmakers community platform

Choose your food in common with your personality.

Though quarantine has eased many hurdles in our life. It’s still the worst scenario for those who are working from home. Zomato is here for your concern. To those extroverts who miss their companions, Zomato is here with an option to find the right food that matches your personality. Food is always an excellent companion […]

zee5 movie affiliate program
Short film - Free Promotion Android App - Shortfundly

‘Shortfundly’, a breakthrough for short filmmakers.

There must be an interesting thought process that must have gone through Selvam’s mind while he was graduating from his business administration.  While many of them want 6 figure paying jobs at the end of the month, Selvam and his friend Maharajan had other ideas. The movie buff in him probably peeked out at the […]