Everything is Fine - Short film Review & Rating

Everything is Fine – Hindi short film – Review & Rating – 3.0/5

A small-town mother visits her independent city-slicking daughter. This was supposed to be their little vacation together: Boat-rides, shopping, talking, eating. But the father has tagged along. He means no harm, but he’s a man. This means that she can’t afford to be a woman, because she is still a wife. Seema Bhargava Pahwa symptomizes […]

Shortfundly- A platform for creative filmmakers: Success story.

Shortfundly- A platform for creative filmmakers: A success story.

Story: Shortfundly was founded by Mr.Selvam Muniyadi in 2015. With over 11 years of experience in multi-screen video advertising, Mr.Selvam began this organization to nurture aspiring filmmakers. He wanted the filmmakers to gain the recognition that they deserve. Mr. Selvam and the cofounder Mr. Selvammyume Maharajan share the same ideologies towards shaping this organization to […]