How to increase the probability of getting pecked with the advanced search engine system?

The process of promoting a film is actually a vital part of making a film as well. After making a film, one has to take the necessary steps to promote with an appropriate link. As you know, technology, as well as social platform, has shown us a vast development in the society. Therefore, uploading your short film on YouTube doesn’t guarantee you a decent number of views.

So now about how to promote your short films? The crucial process of promotion is set forth starting from creating posters, blogs, and social media pages. We have briefly explained to you about social media pages in our previous article, Top 5 Techniques to Promote Your Short Film on Social Media Without Being Annoyed. Kindly go through this article for better clarity about the marketing process.

Now about the blogs, generating a simple webpage with a blog setup is actually much attractive. Having a Tumblr or Twitter account to promote your film will actually help during the process of promotion. Creating a page on your official Facebook page for your short film is highly beneficial, as your Facebook account already retains a set of followers.

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Finally, to the point of getting noticed more frequently with the current search engine system is quite tricky. The system is, even more, smarter than us, hence we should think like a search engine or think like a person who is about to search a film like yours, what would he type to search? that our video is pecked most during searches.

The five main elements to concentrate while uploading your video in the social websites that will help in promoting your film is:

  1. Keywords

  2. SEO

  3. Description

  4. Storytelling

  5. Submission portals

Let’s look into each of them in detail for clear understanding.



Make sure you are uploading your video or short film on YouTube or other websites, with appropriate keywords. Even though we have a renounced search engine, that could help the pecking process only with the title and description, keywords are still important. At some point these keywords will make sure that your videos don’t get lost among the other pile of videos.


Most people go through the description section before barging into the film. So this section adds clarity to your film, making a decision to the viewers that this film is worth watching. Make sure you give an apt description by giving justice to the film genre.


Start by giving a good title, the chance of getting missed during searches is when you don’t give an appropriate title for your short film. The point of using your name in the title may not be necessary until or unless you are a famous person. If you feel that your name is googled commonly then you could use this for marketing purposes. Using the term ‘Short film’ and film genre in the title would be more impressive.

Storytelling in the article:

Writing an article about the film is quite more valuable while promoting. Talking about the ideas that popped up in your mind and what craved you to take this film will make people give a glimpse of the film. Moreover, giving good tips about your filmmaking process would be more effective. This would help other aspiring filmmakers to learn and also may add to your promotion.

Submission Portals:

The web can be a harsh place for all the young and aspiring filmmakers out there. Often your work will not receive the amount of appreciation that it deserves and it goes unnoticed. But talented young people are not missed and it is important that you learn from your previous experiences.  For a filmmaker his ambition would be to get recognized by the top tier in the media and his submission is talked through and his work gets promoted accordingly.

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The amount of effort that goes into this is huge and the chances of your work passing through are very slim. This is where upcoming firms like Shortfundly come into action. They help you in promoting films, helping you to participate in film festivals and many more.

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