Top 10 Noticeable Web Series on Amazon Prime


  1. Mirzapur 

  2. The Family Man 

  3. The Forgotten Army 

  4. Breathe 

  5. Inside Edge 

  6. Panchayat 

  7. Hostel Daze 

  8. Made in heaven 

  9. Pushpavalli 

  10. Four More Shots Please! 


The story of Mirzapur is about a man who is THE don of Mirzapur, mainly involved in various drugs and some illegal activities. The whole series is all about money and power. Moreover, the series is recommended for parental guidance for kids below 18as the series has foul language and crime scenes. The making and cinematography are no lesser than a feature film. On the Whole the best binge-watching worth series for this lockdown season. 

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The Family Man 

The series is all about. how a wife of a family man, runs a family, and manages the frustration due to her husband’s behavior. Her husband always had a hands-on schedule and never spends time with his family. The other part of the story is about the mission Zulfikar, which is planned by a group of terrorists. The further plot is how the protagonist Srikant Tiwari finds the criminals with the help of some clue and hints. 

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The Forgotten Army 

The series that depicts the history of an outstanding army is not quite easy to handle. With the perfect picked actors and excellent choreography, the series is more appealing to watch. The background voice of Sharukh Khan as a narrator makes it even more soothing. The series telecasts all the chain of events from World war II to Myanmar fight. 

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The web series was greatly welcome by the audience and is very engaging as well. I binge-watched it and I highly recommend for the Audience to do the same. Nandha was perfectly suited to the police officer role and also to the role of a humble father. We’ll get ready to roller coaster ride experience. You will be definitely surprised

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Inside Edge 

Inside Edge is the first Hindi web series by Prime Originals. If you are a Cricket fan, then don’t miss this series. All the default clichés in crickets like politics, match-fixing, inferiority complex, fame, ego, etc. Are predominantly showcased in this series. This show is based on the Indian Premier League, series of incidents that take place from the first match of the Powerplay league till the final. The series portrays how cricket is now considered as a business and is no more recognized as a sport. 

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Panchayat is actually a humor-based story and also about the story addressing the concerns of society. An engineer ending up as a village panchayat secretary due to a lack of job opportunities. The frustrations he faces with the villagers and also his village life is the overall content of the show. Moreover, it is a TVF show with the lead role by TVF famous star Jeetu Bhaiya. 

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Hostel Daze 

The story is about how hotel life and engineering turns a man’s life to be successful. Four common students from the same wing meet each other and start to explore the essence of hostel life. Their bonding, clashes, fights, class, exam preparation is the main plot of the story. It might be a repeated concept but is actually a fresh feeling. 

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Made in heaven 

Made in Heaven is a show about Indian weddings and the real-life problems that arise during the wedding. Indian wedding is all about colors, food, people, customs, relatives and especially the traditions. But the darker side of the weddings is exposed in this series with the lead roles by Shobita Dulipala and Arjun Mathur. 

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Pushpavalli is a series about a Tamil brahmin girl who is pursuing her degree in food science in Bhopal. On a fine day, she attends a food conference and meets a handsome man from Bangalore, Nikhil. She ultimately falls for him and starts making plans to date him. The Phasupalli tone of the PG aunty is hilarious throughout the series. 

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Four More Shots Please! 

This is a story of 4 women who meet in a bar and eventually become friends. They gradually develop their friendship and start their stories and become a part of each other’s life. The quality and making of this show are better but a lot of efforts have been wasted in proving the wrong concept of women empowerment. You can watch this show if you have lots of time or when there is nothing on your watchlist 

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