Khadal Kanitham

Kadhal Kanitham: A Shortfilm Review by Shortfundly

Review: Story line/Concept: A thoughtful love story by Shankar N. Love stories are common even love after arrange marriage is even more usual but hook up with the person whom you love as the one arranged by your parents is something strange. This might seem co-incidence but here the storyline is completely different. The author […]

Man in a box

The Man in the Box: Short Film Review By Shortfundly

Review: Story line/ Concept: The weird Schrodinger cat theory is explained in the short film. Many of us are still not clear about this concept in quantum chemistry. The theory implies, “The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees […]


‘Because of Corona’ – A Short Film Review.

A short film by Mohd Salih featuring Neha Mohd Salih and Fatima Mohd Salih. They stick to the social awareness tagline, ‘Lets; Stay at Home’ though ‘Let’s Break the Chain’ ‘We Shall Overcome’. Coronavirus or COVID-19 has made all of us stay in our homes and has made nature, enjoy its legacy in the ecosystem. […]


F3- A Short Film Review by Shortfundly

A thoughtful short film for this present generation, where love and affection have almost died. The movie is for 3 min and 39 seconds but has given a power pack message to the current generation. F3 is nothing but about Fun, Frustration, and Family therapy. Back to olden days, where couples lacked therapy to deal […]

Top 10 short films

10 Best Short Films You Must Binge-Watch during this Quarantine.

Bored of watching series? If you are not a series person, jump in here and grab the list to binge-watch. These are all-time favorite short films that are prevailing in YouTube for you to watch. Short films are nowadays increasing in society. People are more comfortable watching short films than spending hours on feature films. […]

illisa: a short film review

Illisha: Short Film Review.

The short film ‘Illisha’ is a film by Naveen Raj and is produced by SHORT TIME TAMIL FILMS. It is a Tamil short film giving us a romantic comedy nudge in the beginning. The story binds between love and friendship twinging around the character. The movie is widely enhanced by the humor dialogues delivered by […]

Short film - Free Promotion Android App - Shortfundly

‘Shortfundly’, a breakthrough for short filmmakers.

There must be an interesting thought process that must have gone through Selvam’s mind while he was graduating from his business administration.  While many of them want 6 figure paying jobs at the end of the month, Selvam and his friend Maharajan had other ideas. The movie buff in him probably peeked out at the […]

Top 10 incredible Indian short films on YouTube
top 5 incredible vietnam short movies

Top 5 incredible Vietnam short films

Hi, Before we start discussing Vietnam’s best short film for the year 2020. I would like to share some interesting facts about the Vietnam film industry. Vietnam’s movie business is growing quickly. New theaters are being built across the country. Young filmmakers are entering the market. In the past, movies about Vietnam centered on Hollywood’s […]

Top 2020 OSCAR NOMINATED Animation Short films collection

Top 2020 OSCAR NOMINATED Animation Short films collection

Hi, We would like to showcase the Top 2020 OSCAR NOMINATED Animation Short film collection lists to value add your time of watching short films from a shortfundly filmmakers community platform. Now, it’s time to watch all of them in one place Daughter (Dcera) – Short Storyline: In a hospital room, the Daughter recalls a […]


Top 15 Telugu Romantic short film

Hi, We have collected the best short films from youtube and willing to showcase with you What is special in Telugu Romantic short films? In every film industry, there are films of all genres (horror, romance, action, drama, Sci-Fi, comedy…so on) but there will always be a specific genre for every film industry in which […]

Top 10 valentine day special short film in india

Top 10 valentine day special short film

Hi, Shortfundly act as a short film filmmakers community platform to showcase your independent filmmaking talents. Here we would like to share some interesting short films, especially for this valentine’s day occasion. This list is not in any particular order, but I collected this for 2020, it’s the latest short film specific to valentines day […]

Short of the week from shortfundly

Watch Thirty two short films about Glenn Gould Trailer and more…

Hi, We would like to share more information on this interesting topic – Thirty two short films about Glenn Gould Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould is a 1993 Canadian biographical-anthology film about the pianist Glenn Gould, plays by Colm Feore. It was directed by François Girard, with a screenplay by Girard and Don […]