Top 5 Noticeable Web Series for Entrepreneurs.

Tvf Pitchers The series centers around four young men working typical corporate desk jobs the usual nine to five hours, on thirty lunch breaks followed by a cigarette only to return to their tiny cubicles to work on the same application or report back for the next five hours. The show captured considerable attention straight […]

Sony Liv

Top 10 Noticeable Web Series on Sony Liv

Let’s see more about each of them in detail. 1. CID Cid is one of the best series on TV as it was the first thriller series on Indian television. The dramatic and unpredictable plots are still an inspiration to many feature cinemas. The series involves various hardcore police procedural stories and also includes the […]

Top 10 Noticeable Web Series on VOOT.

Top 10 Noticeable Web Series on VOOT.

Let’s dig in to explore more. 1. Time out The plot of the series revolves around a happily married couple Rahul and Radha, who are stressed about the unplanned pregnancy. The early marriage life crisis and pains are well explained throughout the series. The hard point of managing as couples to society are also well […]

Top webseries in VIU

Top 10 Noticeable Web Series on VIU

1) Truth or Tamanna? This thriller is a must-watch and keeps the audience engaging throughout the runtime. The story revolves around two characters Go and Tamanna who are in love with each other and they decide to go to London the story takes off at the airport where Tamanna suddenly goes missing the story starts […]

Top Webseries in zee 5

Top 10 Noticeable Web Series on ZEE5

1) Rangbaaz The story is set along with the rustic background of Gorakhpur in the period of the 1990s. The series is unlike any other gangster plot. It speaks about the Journey of a DDU Student to becoming the second most wanted criminal in India. This series is one of the highest-rated gangsters-based crime shows […]

Top 10 noticeable webseries on netflix

Top 10 Noticeable Web Series on Netflix

1. Sacred Games This is a recreation from a novel ‘Sacred Games’ by Vikram Chandra, the thriller has been inclined with some rarely known faces. Except for Bollywood icons Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, others are not well known to the industry yet they deserve recognition for their role in Sacred Games. It is […]

Top 10 Amazon Series

Top 10 Noticeable Web Series on Amazon Prime

Mirzapur  The story of Mirzapur is about a man who is THE don of Mirzapur, mainly involved in various drugs and some illegal activities. The whole series is all about money and power. Moreover, the series is recommended for parental guidance for kids below 18as the series has foul language and crime scenes. The making and cinematography are no lesser […]


Top 10 noticeable Hindi Web Series from MX PLAYER

Hello mini  A thriller drama series featuring Arjun Aneja, Priya Banerjee, and Gaurav Chopra in the lead roles. The plot is all about an independent girl, Rivanah, and her life alone in Mumbai. When all her life is set in a peaceful environment with adoring parents, a good job, and a loving boyfriend, life gives her atwist. She falls into the swing of being watched and getting […]

Top 10 Tamil Web series to Binge Watch During this Quarantine.

Top 10 Tamil Web series to Binge Watch During this Quarantine.

There are tons of good web series streaming online to boost your quarantine. If you feel confused to choose from, this article will help you to find the correct list. It will definitely be satisfying. All the streaming sites across India and all most over the world, have put more emphasis on their own programming […]