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Maatram – Tamil Short Film review & rating 3.9/5

Overview:  Heraclitus’ quote “The only constant in life is change” fits into almost everyone’s life. Taking up ‘change’ as a storyline, a wide range of topics are available to deliver it as change is a part of every event of our lives. The short film ‘Maatram’ deals with change through love life. Revolving around Dev […]


Kadhal Ondru Kanden – Tamil short film review

Storyline:                   In this 21st century which is still an unsafe place for women murders and acid attacks on them for rejecting a proposal from a guy are becoming more common. Kadhal ondru kanden too revolves around this issue. The short film begins on a happy note with love and bike racing between friends. The real […]


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THATHA – Award Winning Heart Touching Short Film Review

Many curious directors are budding with creative thoughts and prove their skills step by step. Short Films have become a perfect platform for these experiments. It is amazing to note that Director Raja who has worked with Rahul Thatha came up with a heart touching short film. Heart touching and message-oriented films have become rare. […]


Izhutheri Tamil Short Film 2019 – Suspense Thriller Review

Izhutheri is a 26.16-minute wordless short film directed by Vignesh Kumar. The film simply presents its world as is, in order to drive the caste concept that most Indian films aren’t angry enough to make a point. We first see an inspector on a phone call, clearly frustrated with orders from above regarding suspect detection. […]

Izhutheri – Tamil Thriller Short Film 2019 Review by Arjun Studio & Shortfundly

Watch this Short-film in shortfundly – https://www.shortfundly.com/video/34122/ Before you watch this short film , Let’s watch this film review by shortfundly team Follow this film director on shortfundly and get connected – https://www.shortfundly.com/profile/deepakraj-gunasekaran/17311/ If you want to review for your short film, reach out shortfundly team. You will get a PAID short film review and FREE […]

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THATHA Tamil Short Film Review by Arjun Studio & Shortfundly

Watch this THATHA Shortfilm in shortfundly – https://www.shortfundly.com/video/33454 Follow THATHA Shortfilm Director on Shortfundly – https://www.shortfundly.com/profile/raja/13463/ Read more Tamil review about thatha short film in Arjun Blog – Check it out https://arjunstudioofficial.blogspot.com/2018/11/shortfilm.html Also read: Amazing – “Ponnira malai” Tamil Short film review Kannalane – Tamil short film review If you want to review for your short […]

Nagarum nodigal – Tamil Short film review by Arjun Studio & shortfundly

Watch this Short film in shortfundly – https://www.shortfundly.com/video/33368/ About Shortfundly Shortfundly is an online technology and design-focused, data-driven platform company that curates and shares the best short films and stories through our global multi-platform network. Our video and editorial platform enables a global audience to easily discover, watch, and share unique stories anywhere on their […]

Kattravai Katrapin – Tamil Short Film review by Arjun Studio & Shortfundly

Story line: Kattravai Katrapin – A hard Hitting reality of our present education system and this film will make us to think for sure about the play of politics in education! Watch this Shortfilm Kattravai Katrapin in shortfundly – https://www.shortfundly.com/video/31414/ Contact Direct NSK on shortfundly https://www.shortfundly.com/profile/nsk/1305/ Also read short film review post from shortfundly team: […]

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