Telugu-comedy-shortfilm – autonomous – College life story

I hope every students from their college life face this kind of situation. Watch it and share your comments. %CODEtelugu-comedy-short-film-autonomous% If you are inspired with this shortfilm and plan to take your shortfilm then come and meet short film professionals on “shortfundly“. What is shortfundly? I hope now you got this question in your mind. Here’s the answer: Shortfundly […]

How to Promote Your Short Film

Here’s  a 10 tips will help people to promote short films. 1. Create a website that best represents your short film. 2. Keep a process journal about the making of the film. 3. Capture email addresses 4. Social Networking 5. Create your own video space 6. Create a teaser 7. Create a trailer 8. Submit […]

Malayalam comedy short films collection

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