Why we want Pudhupettai II?

Its been 14 years since this masterpiece has come into existence. An excellent competence effort of Selvaragavan, Yuvan, and Dhanush. Most of those movies out from Selvaragaven charge us out with life’s bitter truth, which is not available easily in the Tamil cinema industry. Starting from Kadhal Kanden to NGK everything is a speaking art. The eloquent dialogues and feasible cinematography gives highness to his methodology.

This man is legend writing scripts for the future, most of his works were developed and released during the early or late ’20s but they took time to get the attention of the audience. I cant just imagine the movie done without Dhanush, being a versatile actor he always dives into the core of the movie getting adapted to the character. Though he has many good lists of hits, Vada Chennai and Asuran are most emphasized. He may seem to be the guy next door in many of his movies as he prefers to draw in him the character.

It’s hard to see such a dedicated artist, where cinema is nowadays a passion for this generation. The way a new gangster holds a knife to how he manages to fight a huge swarm of a hitman, he just gets the justice to the character with no commercial act of fight or any heavy or mass background score. The liveliness to be in a state to beg money for his living to being a right hand for a henchman his life was a narrow elevator. The protagonist just behaves very normal and gets everything done by as he wishes, starting from getting Krishnaveni out from the prostitution area to getting a seat from the opposite party. He was even ready to lose his father but not his power for anyone’s sake.

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It is very important to speak about the two female characters in the movie, though he was in love with Krishnaveni, he gets fond of Selvi, his fellow henchman’s sister. The moment he gets hitched to Selvi, she gets to a stage where she could not escape but to live a conditioned life to save her brother. Even though there was a hesitation to be his wife, her feelings get even worse when he ties the knot with Krishnaveni.

Then Yuvan, what could replace him, he beats the rage out from rock to class background score. The high and lowness in Kumar’s life are excellently portrayed with his BGM. The life of a gangster could not be shown more easily without his songs. They turned out to be a huge hit. Selva and Yuvan were the pillars of all the movies that he wrote and directed. They get together very well as a team and their magic works all the time.

Every character in the movie plays a special part to depict the life of a gangster. Still, Pudhupettai is considered as the only movie that portrays the raw and tragic path of a gangsters life. As a henchman he presumed that he could not serve his entire life under a gangster, the politics and the grudge, jealousy that leads the protagonist Kumar to get into the phase of risks.

Nothing more than this deserves a perfect start of second chapter. Thus most of Selvaragavan-Dhanush-Yuvan fans are looking forward for this unique piece of art.

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