Yennai vittu pogathey – [Tamil Short film review & Rating – 4.1/5]


Ego, misunderstandings and lack of trust are the major reasons for failure of any relationship. “Ennai vitu pogathey” is the love story of yoga and priya ending up in a breakup and the consequent events. The storyline may look very common but the way the team delivered the short film makes it a success. The short film deals not only with love but it has also given the bond between friends and their betrayal equal importance. This storyline stands away from the mark of a well-known love story by focusing upon post breakup than taking up the usual track of a cheesy love tale ending with breakup.


Direction has a very large part in the success of a short film. It lies upon the direction team to convey a storyline effectively. Finding love after a breakup is absolutely fine but getting into relationship with another relationship without even being sure in the decision of breaking up with the person has all changes of landing us into trouble. The short film has well brought out this point to the audience. This short film conveys the fact that discussing our problems with the concerned person and giving it enough time will prevent us from pain and regret in the future.


The way one expresses a dialogue is important. The understanding of the listener depends on how well we express it. With apt dialogues especially the intriguing dialogues conveys the emotions of more efficiently. Beautiful performance from the short film adds strength to the short film. A more timely dubbing at certain scenes could have made the short film more beautiful. Subtitles could have made it more convenient for non-tamil viewers.


Apart from direction, brilliant screenplay and cinematography has played a major role in the short film. Though the short film looks messy and unclear in the beginning, the beauty of it unravels as the story progresses and this makes the audience curious and engaged throughout the short film. The climax of the short film emphasising that not all broken trust and relationships can be regained teaches us a strong message, that is think thoroughly and more than once before making a decision.

Yennai Vittu Pogathey – Tamil Short film Posters

Yennai vittu pogathey - Tamil Shortfilm Release Posters -2020
Yennai vittu pogathey - Tamil Shortfilm Posters -2020

Yennai Vittu Pogathey – Tamil Short film Team Details:

Directed by pavan paninthra 

Cinematography & editing 

Kathir DJ 

Vocal cover & music compose by 

Shruthika & deepan



Dubbing Artist





Rapix studio 



Shalni saravanan 

Raj Kumar 


Krishna moorthi




Santosh kumar.B 



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Overall Rating – 4.1

Yennai vittu pogathey - Tamil Shortfilm Review and raitng -4.1/5 -2020
  • 1 star for direction
  • 1 star for screenplay
  • 0.6 star for cinematography
  • 1 star for effort
  • 0.5 star for plot twist

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