Release Guide: Preparing for Short film Release Day

Our tools are here to help you attract the biggest possible audience to your new and existing short films.

When you’ve put your heart and soul into creating a short film or web series, the next step is maximize its release potential. A lot of this comes down to smart preparation, planning and knowing exactly how your promotional plan will be executed. The more prepared you are for that big release, the more likely it is you’ll see streams, listeners, and followers come pouring in.

Of course, this is never as easy, so our resources, recommendations and tools have been designed to help you draw attention to you and your release, and hold onto that attention once you have it. Here are 10 tips to help you get ready for your short films release day and stay on top after your release goes live.

  1. Pitch your release for premium consideration
    • We’ve heard many success stories from filmmakers & artists who’ve pitched a short film or web series to get released in shortfundly premium spot. There’s no language and duration restriction. Ideal duration for short film release would be below 30 minutes. Once you pitched, our shortfundly editorial team will see if it’s the right fit. To release your film in premium spot, you need to take shortfundly filmmaker subscription plan.
  2. Refresh your Filmmaker Profile
    • A first impression is everything—in fact, it can be just as powerful as the story itself. Think about what people are looking for when they see your filmmaker profile and click on your name: They want to know who you are, your skill sets, experience in film industry, where you came from, and what you’ve done so far. Start uploading new promo shots or behind-the-scenes snaps to your image gallery. Make sure your bio is fresh and current and includes all of your social media handles. Never ignore social media followers and fan base.
  3. Keep building your shortfundly followers
    • These days connectivity is key, so take advantage of every portal you can. Your fans are eager to watch your new short film or web series first, so make sure you use your website and social media profiles to encourage your listeners to follow you on shortfundly so they can hear your new release on their personalised Release Radar notification.
  4. Create playlists to engage your audience
    • Your viewers and fans don’t just want to see you on a playlist, they want to know what sort of playlist you would watch to. A good way to stay active on shortfundly and continually engage with your audience – especially when you’re in the midst of a busy release schedule – is to share a playlist of your own making. Express your tastes, share your mini teaser, and connect with your audience on a more intimate level.
  5. Consider a memes ad campaign
    • sdfsdf. You made it to release day and your new short film or web series is launched. But the work doesn’t stop here. Follow these steps once your release is live on shortfundly.
  6. Update your Artist Highlight Pick
    • One of the first things viewers and movie buff see when visiting your profile page is your highlight Pick, so this is a great place to grab attention that new short film release posters or teasers. Plus, it keeps your profile page looking fresh and up to date. Want to mix it up? You’ve got options. You can select a single short film teaser, playlist, or one of your upcoming releases as your Artist highlight Pick. Pro tip: Add a bit of text to personalize your profile even more.
  7. Share your new music on social media and groups (WhatsApp, Telegram)
    • We try to make sharing your music outside shortfundly as easy as possible. On the shortfundly web app, just open the share menu when watching to your short film or teaser, and you can easily share to WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram Stories, Twitter, Facebook, or any messaging service.
  8. Track your real-time video streams count
    • Monitor your real-time video streams views count during the first seven days after a new release goes live on shortfundly. The count updates every 1.9 seconds, so you can track your numbers from the moment your release hits the service. These numbers are immensely valuable as you track a short film or web series impact over the first week.
  9. Check back in a week to see your stats
    • A week after your release short film date is a perfect time to dive into the numbers. Check and verify your audience page on shortfundly for Artists to see how your video stream and follower counts were impacted by your release. If you have earlier releases, compare their performance on your video viewing page. All of these insights are there to help you tweak and optimize your release strategy going forward.
  10. Take advantage of the many resources shortfundly for Artists has for you
  11. Stay confident
    • Each of these steps is easy to implement and that’s intentional: The goal is to help you confidently prepare for a successful short film or web series release day. But it’s important to remember – this is a marathon not a sprint. Just like with your art, building a career and making meaningful connections that convert your listeners, viewers to fans is a process that takes time. 
  12. Stay focus
    • In all film release schedule your post with your short film poster, motion poster, trailer, teaser, make everything ready and don’t get divert your efforts to anything else.
    • If you like to do creative ways to do a promotion then try it out memes
    • Finally, shortfundly supports podcast for professional filmmakers and upcoming creative artists. Try to do a podcast session with us.

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