Maatram – Tamil Short Film review & rating 3.9/5


Heraclitus’ quote “The only constant in life is change” fits into almost everyone’s life. Taking up ‘change’ as a storyline, a wide range of topics are available to deliver it as change is a part of every event of our lives. The short film ‘Maatram’ deals with change through love life. Revolving around Dev and Priya’s first ever meeting with their parents hoping to get them married.The short film seems to be highly common with nothing new in it until the real storyline unravels with Dev’s question. The short film not only deals with change but also deals with a dangerous social issue of leaking out girl’s intimate pictures for going against her guy.


Directing a story is not as cheesy as a love tale that too with a wide storyline like ’change’ it needs more attention, as direction decides how clear and flawless  a storyline is conveyed to the  audience. The director has done a very good job by making his audience understand his point clearly. The short film also tells us some basics of situation handling and the importance of clarity in decisions that need to be taken as quickly as it can be made. Unlike the short film’s perspective not all people have passed as they are first in everyone’s life but the short film is undoubtedly right in standing by their point against judging a person on any incident from their life.


It is the dialogue that carries the strength and emotion of a scene. A single unsuited dialogue can change the emotion of a scene. The short film’s dialogues are quite impressive especially Arjun’s dialogues are powerful enough to spread hatred and disgusting mindset towards his character. Dev being a police officer confidently faces Arjun’s treat but in reality majority of people in a situation similar to dev’s are not policemen. Making dev a non-policeman and yet delivering a fitting reply to arjun as powerful as before could have had more social impact.


A successful screenplay never gives space for their viewers to get bored and also keeps them engaged throughout the film. This short film has a brilliant screenplay and keeps their audience very curious to know what Arjun would have told dev and dev’s reply to that. It also doesn’t fail to make the audience see the change and their views on accepting change open- mindedly amidst the curiosity.

Written and directed by “Sujai R Bojarajan”


1 stars for story

0.6 star for direction

1 star for screenplay

1 star for effort

0.3 star for plot twist 

Overall rating for this short film 3.9/5

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