Sorry Aadhya – Latest Telugu short film review & rating – 4.4/5


Anger and regret are far more connected than we think they are. We often tend to take wrong decisions in anger and regretting it later doesn’t make it any better. Sorry aadhya is a failed love story of aravind and aadhya leaving them regretting their breakup and their desire to apologize for it . A proper job, salary, caste etc gains more importance in love and troubles it us only when it comes to marrying our love and leads to breakup in most cases. Most breakups occur not because they don’t love their partner anymore but due to the clash between passion and the hurry to settle down and earn a regular salary. A bit of patience would easily solve it but many fail to it and that’s what this short film too aims to convey.


Direction has a huge role in making this short film a success and storyline of the short film being a breakup and the circumstances leading to it being highly real and well-known it relies more on the direction than usual to make the audience love the short film. In reality we can come across many authors making their own story as a novel be it love or some other incident. Though this point being well-known as the story line showing Aravind as a author, writing his own love story as a novel and making it as a start for the narration goes well for this short film and makes it more realistic.


Dialogues are a mode conveying the character’s emotions and delivering the storyline efficiently. In this short film, featuring Aravind as a writer and the short film having scenes where Aravind writes  his story as a novel, his dialogues needs to have basic attributes a author has in reality and the short film has managed to make sure this point is followed till the end. Aravind and aadhya’s dialogues have the bitterness and regret it should have wherever it is needed.


A good screenplay keeps the viewers engaged till the end of the short film and ensures the storyline is delivered without breaking the flow. In this case the short film itself gives us the hint that the story is all about meeting aadhya but, not makes the audience look forward to the same. Though both Aravind and aadhya regret their decision and feel the need to apologize, the short film gets the name of the female lead only because the tale is shown to us from the male lead’s point of view. 

Cast & Crew Details:

Casting : Vamsi Krishna,Bhavya Thrimurthulu,Sripada Sankara Rao,Durga Prasad

Music: Pvr raja

Dialogues: Kranthi Chaithanya

Publicity Designs: Shahid

Dubbing: Ncs Raju (Rajendra Digitals)

Editor & Producer: Srikanth Penugonda

DOP – Written – Directed by Chaitanya Dbsg

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SorryAadhya – Latest Telugu short film Release posters

sorry Aadhya Latest Telugu short film release poster
sorry Aadhya Latest Telugu short film release poster


0.5 star for storyline

1 star for direction

1 star for screenplay

0.7 star for background score

1 star for effort

0.2 star for plot twist

The overall rating is 4.4/5

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