The deal – A short film by Vysakh M – Review & Rating 3.7/5

The pandemic of SARS-CoV2, the novel coronavirus, has given people time and peace to everyone! This pandemic has allowed everyone to discover themselves, we have been watching a surge in the number of content creators on the social media platforms! We at SHORTFUNDLYTM, introduce you to the talents which are highly under-rated and have the content, worth-watching for real! Since there has been a dominance of the bigger creators over YouTube, the really good creators and the deserving ones are totally suppressed. Yes, the craze for content by a bigger YouTuber is keeping the viewers more entertained and excited to the viewers than to watch a new creator in some cases, especially in India, where nepotism “prevails” as per some mafia’s, and the innocent public, or the viewers who are very new to the platform get accustomed to watching what they started to watch the platform for or with. We as viewers and critics need to understand that, we need to support healthy competition over such platforms to avoid monopoly of group creator becoming another “Bollywood Mafia” like place over YouTube! We at SHORTFUNDLYTM promises always to promote under-rated creators like Vysakh M and many more!

Coming to the short film, anybody will be in a shocking phase when you need to deal a legal police case or a major crime or your younger ones or it can be any family member. You will feel a bit of insecurity and sense of possessiveness anyways, obviously if it is about your younger ones or the closer ones, to be saved as soon as possible, by hook or by crook! This short film revolves around a renowned professor, whose son has been caught due to a crime he committed.

As the professor is “renowned”, this short film puts some light over the selfish, greedy and worthless society, who just watch burning the entire world of a person, with no sympathy, and nobody really wants that! So, people ask or give bribes easily, to just avoid shaming of their name and hard-earned reputation only due to avert the chances of getting ashamed of themselves some people cross their limits too! Even the law abiders and the law-keepers in these days have lost their conscience and self-respect and respect to the law, and every other person today we see is corrupt, but that is not true in all the cases.

This short film focuses really well on these aspects of the people in this society who believe in judging a book by its cover without any delay, not even a jiffy and they tend to impose their toxic vision over others and think every person to be thinking or needing similar things. This short film has slammed and condemned this ideology of society very well in just 63 seconds!

This short film of 63 seconds is the reality that, “Truth always prevails”, so to watch a one minute and three seconds of the short film for free, which has in-depth meaning and a great twist, where time speaks its story in 63 seconds about how human mindset has taken slide towards negativity and invited a method felony in their lives to survive the world for the selfish needs and deeds they are into, or would you like to waste a big chunk of your time into a 3-hour movie, which really makes no sense and costs you money to buy the streaming platform subscription?

You can really call this “63 seconds demo to your conscience”. This short film has highlighted really well about the true humans who still believe humanity and truth still prevails, but the society is now adjusted to living in misery, and try to suppress the truth, may it be in the name of respect or name. even if it is you or your younger ones, who are into the wrong things, all you need to do is to accept the fact and not supporting the person immediately. And what maximum people do? They tend to bribe or commit more crimes and go to any extent to help their close ones to be out of these cases by the legal authorities and escape instantly, even when the world comes to know the person is red-handed.

Now we can write so much for a 63-second short film, can’t you just have a taste yourself too? Link is below, do appreciate the efforts!

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Now its time for the SHORTFUNDLYTM report card!

Break down:

The story revolves around a renowned professor who teaches democracy and corruption-related topics in a university. He was called to meet in the secluded place in a corner of the library in the university where he works, by a police officer. They had a discussion, which created a heat within the conversation between the two of them. What would have happened? And there is a sudden twist to put viewers in hysterics instantly! The twist is so sudden, the viewers and the content lovers would love it!

It is said “power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”, it applies in the case of both the professor and the policeman.


The short film created Vysakh M is a really good work over the basic animation done using an application.

  1. Content-driven 63 seconds short film.
  2. Worth a watch even for kids, who need to understand and should be taught that “truth always triumphs”.
  3. Involves a great twist to deliver a really good message.
  4. A really good tribute to those who keep the truth on priority and not society’s judgments.

Area for improvement:

  1. The animation was really basic and software switching or up-gradation is highly recommended.

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So overall rating is 3.7/5

The-deal - A short-film-by-Vysakh M-Review & Rating

The short film was really a great attempt by the creator on a basic level, discovering his talent and displaying it over YouTube! We all should support these creators, which will lead to enhancement in their quality and working methods. We at SHORTFUNDLYTM are committed to serve you the best content available and promise to deliver it without any breaks!

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