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A thoughtful short film for this present generation, where love and affection have almost died. The movie is for 3 min and 39 seconds but has given a power pack message to the current generation. F3 is nothing but about Fun, Frustration, and Family therapy. Back to olden days, where couples lacked therapy to deal with their problems was a bit messy and somehow, people still survived the storm. Some people who were stubborn and were left out in these cases of life end up in divorce, breakup, etc.


The cast by Sridhar Bejjanki and Sirisha Andavolu were awesome, they geared up the movie to a higher zone and gave their best to suit their role. They seemed to be some real-life coupes but has a dramatic scene added to it. The clock alarming touch was actually great and awesome. Conveying the emotions to the audience is an effective way to show them how you are feeling, the audience connect well with the movie in this way. The emotions between the husband and the wife were showcased very well. You directly get yourself teleported to a situation where a daily talk takes place between the husband and wife. Their acting was so natural and you could see the frustration in both of their faces. It’s a perfect time to start away from the way they had done. Sometimes, even we need a clock alarming us to awake from the fantasy and get back us to normal life. There are various other reasons to be highlighted as well, especially the screenplay. Everything was just normal till the clock startled as we could see the reality jumping into the fantasy. The background details are also pretty good, I would like to point out some like, the knife sound enhancing the wife’s silence and the TV running behind are more empathetic to the situation. The scene actually starts with the clock giving us a clue to the story behind. But that actually stayed numb until the clock startled.

The movie was shot very well. Shooting indoors is always a challenge for the crew. Especially, when it comes to the lighting of a scene the amount of light is just perfect. The angles were interesting and unique too. The duration of the movie is also an advantage and it is made in such a way that they are able to convey the message in a crisp manner. The time is actually the plus point of the movie. One could just get a glimpse of the content in just less than 5 minutes. The content delivered is also no less than a featured movie. The amount of effort put in by every person behind the camera can be clearly seen. Arguments can be boring to watch sometimes. But in this case, they have made an attempt to modify the concept with the efficient play of words. Dialogue delivery was exceptional between the two characters and it was good enough to convince that there is trouble in their relationship. The crisp and perfect dialogues of the female lead were perfect and the prompting truth is aspiring with her brave voice.

Filmmaking Tip:

Louis C.K. directs his show, which is very much like a series of short films.

Mike Birbiglia

Adding to this there was a final touch of Illayaraja songs, who could skip Illayaraja hits to fall in love or to move on. Both the cases are important for a man’s life and are difficult to handle, Illayaraja has eased the core with his music. This one short film is an example even. It was noted that the person coming out of the couples’ therapy rather than being frustrated, enjoys the Illayaraja songs on his headphone. The bitter truth of this couple’s life is bought out to society with this movie. The love that was to be expected between the couples drifted for various reasons and was made to break apart from each other with a divorce. The hectic side of the girl is also enhanced. Being a girl, who is not allowed to face society with the so-called Divorcee subtitle is portrayed. The girl who has her father, who is, in turn, recovering from heart surgery is left pathetic. She is in turn left out in a situation to choose between a hectic husband asking divorce and a delicate hearted father who is not anticipating the storm coming. The way the girl begs for her situation also sympathizes with the situation and marks the level of freedom a woman is facing in society. The legacy of women in society is still a question mark.

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Of Course, the scene ends dramatically but these good points are also added to spice the movie. One could hardly guess the twist that happens later. The dramatic part was the peak of the movie that took away us from being pathetic for the girl to being perplexed. So you guys also got startled by the alarm clock! That was interesting and even engaging. The time taken to deliver the message was less compared to other short films, but there are a beautiful message and an exciting script within the 3:39 minutes.

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The film is wonderfully created, conceptualized, and edited by Bala Maruthi Subba Rao Kuppala. He has also written the screenplay for the movie. The main highlight of the movie is its screenplay, without which the movie would have been like any other normal content that we come across in our daily life. The screenplay keeps us engaged throughout the short duration of the movie and it enhances the film to the next level. The screenplay is what separates it from many other short films that are on YouTube. The editing of the movie is another example of how to convey a message as crisp as possible.

The brave attempt by Bala Maruthi Subba Rao Kuppala to keep the duration of the film to under 4 mins is highly commendable. Channels on youtube often make money with the commercials that youtube allows them to place between their videos. A video has to be at least 10 minutes long so one can place 3 advertisements in their video timeline where ever they wish to. Credits and Honours for the youtube channel TeluguOne to accept this film to be published on their channel regardless of the revenue they would get out it. They believed in the content of the movie and promoted it unconditionally.

The director of photography of the film is Kalvan Chappidi has also done a wonderful job. His ability to showcase the talent for the craft in such limited spacing is excellent. Since he did not have much space to move around with his camera, he has stuck to definite and unique positions that enhance the scene to the next level. With no jump cuts and fast cuts in the film, it speaks highly of the acting skills of both actors. All the departments have come together and gelled well to write and shoot this wonder-full film.

The whole team deserves an appreciation for showcasing such issues in a unique manner. Everyone in the team has done justice to their role.

On the whole, this is an excellent short film worth watching. Please allow 4 mins of your time during this quarantine.

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