Shortfundly partners with Cinews for ‘Quarantine Movie Making Challenge’.

Are you bored out in this quarantine? Doesn’t have a lead to start something, that is running behind in your mind? Yes! Then here is something exciting you need to know to boost your quarantine and build you up. Quarantine, the period when everyone, especially those who are aspiring to become filmmakers could make the most out of it. Of course, this is the right season for the story writers and directors to plow their minds and sow seeds of thought and clarity. Finally, be ready for the surprise that Shortfundly and Cinews is bringing you. Collaborations happen all the time, but amidst all that is happening in the country, there is a need for good collaborations around us. Collaborations that would help mankind to build oneself with Shortfundly and Cinews couldn’t have found a better time to join hands.

About Cinews:

Cinews is a product of Cornea Media Private Ltd. They have a creative platform for filmmakers. They are actually making a new online presence among the innovators out there. Their objective is to is bring all content creators related to this filed under one roof.

They have developed an app, which contains all competitions related to film and film making. With this app, you are able to stalk your favorite director, actors and know their latest updates.  They are incredible stuff for all the movie buffs out there. Their tag line says ‘Beyond Gossips’, hence, they are in a mission to protrude the beautiful side of the film industry. They are keen on building a high standard of creativity, elegance, and quality ideas. They are making cinema-related news faster and easier.

About Shortfundly:

Shortfundly is a complete network for young and budding short filmmakers and also a boon for those who have a quest to get into filmmaking. This is an online video platform with a vast collection of short films. They enable a vast connection between the filmmakers and also with the society of film making. The basic complication of short filming is about reaching out to the audience. This misfortune has been cleared out through the outcome of this wonderful platform.

Both entities are combining together to garnish the art of film making to people who don’t have exposure to this field. They have now come together for a collaboration for the competition of ‘The Quarantine Movie making Challenge’.

“When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.”

― Robert Rodriguez

Quarantine Movie Making Challenge:

The Theme of the short film is: “COVID-19 lock down”.

The rules and regulations for this contest are as simple to make out with the quarantine and also enhance the family bonding. There is a set of rules for the completion and please down the Cinews app to know more. Anyway, the rules are not as complicated to ruin your lockdown. You would be really excited to be a part of this contest when you go through the rules and regulations.

And here are the rules:

The movie should be shot only indoors (house premises) like Balcones, terrace or any part of your accommodations.

Since this is an opportunity to enhance the bonding between the family and friends they prefer that the movie should only include your roommates or family members living with you.

The cast and crew should include only 5 members. While solo films are also welcome the most. (Resolution: min:1080px).

The movie should be completely filmed only during this quarantine; they need only current projects. Old assignments aren’t acceptable.

Please send the google drive link of your movie to The link should be private but open to view only to the mail id that you are sending it to. While uploading the final video, the team should mention their Cast and Crew details along with the description of the movie and also the registration ID. (Without this the entry will be disqualified strictly).

After the end of the submission date, an internal team will review all the short films on the basis of story, screenplay, production, and performance. This process might take up to 10days.

Shortlisted films with public links are placed for voting to the public.

Note: Please be assured private and public nature of your link does not affect the chances of winning your award.

The combined score of the internal team rating and the public voting will be evaluated once again and the highest-scoring film will be chosen as the winner.

Don’t worry about your video copyrights, they all will stay with them in the name of CORNEA MEDIA PRIVATE LTD.

Finally, the last date for the challenge is 30th April 2020.

So why wait! Grab this perfect opportunity and start filming.

Your contest registration is open right now. Download the app Cinews and register for this contest.