Gokul Konar – ‘Nasha’ Short Filmmaker and Creative Director in Shortfundly.

Nasha is a social awareness film by Gokul Konar and is presented by Studio 6 in association with Kalamwalibai Media. There are only a few directors who are still dedicated and looking for a way to enhance the effectiveness of social awareness. Here, Gokul Konar is one of these few persons.

The effort taken to portray life’s cost balancing with alcohol addiction is amazing. The Short film describes the life of a man addicted to alcohol and how he gave up his family when he lost control over his addiction. This is quite happening in our daily day life while portraying the life of a common man is good enough to extrapolate social awareness among society. Gokul Konar has observed it very carefully that he didn’t even miss any of the details happening with the common man’s life.

Filmmaking Tip:

When you make documentaries or short films, you have to have eyes and ears in the back of your head and on the sides and all around you. I like that in my films.

– Bruce Weber

Addiction to good things in life brings you peace, whereas on the other hand addiction in the wrong manner like alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc., can ruin the rest of your life. People have stopped being addicted to love and family affections and started to drug themselves. The effectiveness of the consequences is very hard yet they are least bothered by the situations. The short film gives insight to create this particular awareness among the public. I clearly believe that director Gokul Konar and his team have done their best by working in this short film.

I assure that you would be benefitted by watching this short film. Do watch and enjoy the teaser of the short film “Nasha” below.

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