1930 – The Great Depression [Short Film – Review & rating – 4.3/5]


The great depression was a severe worldwide economic depression that began in the United states took place from 1929 to late 1930’s. During this depression many people suffered from unemployment and hunger.The short film 1930 has taken up the great depression as its storyline. This short film almost abides by “Pearl S. Buck’s” quote ‘A hungry man can’t see right or wrong. He just sees food’. The people are forced to kill and eat any animal that passes due to their hunger. Dealing with a storyline adopted from real life events the constrains will be more as we can’t add or change any incident. The short film has well conveyed the sufferings of 1930 depression.


Direction gives life to a storyline. Dealing with a storyline adopted from real life incidents the need to convey the storyline without changing the flavor of reality is very high. This short film showing the life of a man day wise during the depression days the changes and progress of the depression is well shown. Suffering from unemployment and hunger, he is unable to get even the half bread he used to get at the beginning of the depression. The short film also deals with loneliness and the will to fight a tough situation. A realistic direction has made the audience feel how terrible the great depression of 1930 would have been.


It is the dialogues that carries the emotions of a scene. Well delivered and apt dialogues are a huge strength to a short film. Though this short film doesn’t have any dialogues regarding how hungry he is and how terrible it is to deal with the depression but the way he delivers what food he has each day conveys the pain behind his life. Suttle and very few yet powerful dialogues adds beauty to the short film.


The sequence in which the events of a storyline is told to the viewers has a important role in the success of the short film. This short film has well choosen its sequence in a way the audience would understand the seriousness of the depression. The whole short film shot in black and white represents the difficulty of the situation the characters are in. This short film has brought to light the great depression of 1930 that most people of today’s generation need to know.

Story, Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Music, Directed and Acted by “Sanjay Aravind”.


1930 Depression Short Film review rating

Overall rating – 4.3

  • 1.3 – stars for storyline
  • 1 – star for screenplay
  • 0.7 – star for direction
  • 1 – star for effort
  • 0.3 – star for plot twist

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