WAKE UP – Tamil [Short Film review & rating] – 3.8/5


A horror movie’s success lies in scaring its audience. With an increase in the number and variety of horror films in recent days and it becomes more challenging to deliver a good horror film with an impressive storyline.  We have heard of quotes like “When we are asleep in this world, we are awake in another” and “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you”. This short film “Wake up” revolves around the short film’s lead viji’s dream. The storyline is as simple as a dream the short film relies more on scaring the viewers and curiosity. The entire short film revolves around incidents where viji gets scared seeing shadows and hearing windows close. The scenes where viji finds her family missing is a big strength to the short film.


It is very clear and obvious of the importance of direction in a horror short film with a simple and open storyline so it lies in the hands of the direction team to handle a horror shot in such a way it scares viewers. Dreams are common in everyone’s lives and everyone loves happy and sweet dreams. Directing a short film without leaving a clue to the audience to guess the whole incident to be a dream before it is shown in the film is mandatory and this short film has given its best at it. Better sound effects could have added more credits to realistic horror shots.


It’s usually are the bridge between the narrator and the viewer. They are the ones used to convey the characters thoughts and emotions. On the contrary, this has a very few dialogues. The entire short film is delivered via the actress’ expressions and horror effects. The minimal dialogues at parts are powerful and apt. with no unnecessary dialogues and the  short film is a great success in delivering the content through expressions because the actress’ amazing acting and facial expressions does the job of dialogues.

WAKE UP-Tamil Short Film

The need for a powerful screenplay increase when the genre of the movie / short film is thriller and horror as the need to keep the viewers curious throughout the film is more. The short film’s title (Wake up) itself leaves a very high possibility for the audience to find out the entire incident would be a dream at the end and the gripping screenplay takes away those thoughts from their minds keeping them engaged with the short film.

Written and directed by FEROZ

  • 1 star for screenplay
  • 0.5 star for storyline
  • 1 star for direction
  • 1 star for effort
  • 0.3 star for SFX 

Over all rating 3.8/5

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