As we know the phrase “short and sweet”, the short implies shortcut way to earn money , through talents ,that is, easy way to raise our monitary status. The very name of the company impresses all by the sight of viewing it which includes shortfilm promotion, shortfilm fund raising, art of teaching and supports, induces the siblings of future artist. Any person can knock the door to the filmy world with our “ShortFund”. Once the skillful temptators enter into our world they come out, definitely ,with flying colours. Nowadays,many young film makers are making films with social sense and they are trying their level best to reach the audience but somehow at some place by misfortune it is not working well .To avoid that “ShortFundly“ will serve as a platform for young developers and I think that this will help them to succeed in their passion without any financial crisis.Not only local audience it will also reach the global audience which will be a good challenge for young developers they can also cast different artist based upon their characterisation of people and surroundings around them which influence the slang to get to know globally.It will explore people’s feeling obviously. To know about our company, just login our ”app.”, relaxingly, be the staff of our ShortFundly Company which all also guide people to know about what festival is going to happen along with the schedule which is going to be user friendly and I also hope that our company will create revolution in cinema world.