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Shortfundly partners with FilmPark to Reach a Wider Audience for your short films via review.

Shortfundly, an online platform dedicated exclusively for short films has recently partnered with FilmPark, a company aimed at helping short filmmakers, singers, and dancers with their obstacles towards greater success.

Through this partnership, one of the key benefits is that a wider audience can be reached.

About FilmPark

It is a company whose roots sprang from the problems of the Head, Mr. Kandasamy.S. Being a short film maker himself, he was confronted with many issues during his journey of getting ideas implemented, finding the right crew and receiving funding. Taking his plight to heart, he resolved not to let any other budding short filmmakers experience the same agony that he did. So, on 1st Jan 2017, he formed a team and thus began the advent of FilmPark. They create short film reviews, videos, tutorials, promote short films and make covers for songs. They’re now in the process of creating a video called ‘Soul of Filmmakers’ which provides a person with tips regarding short films and its various aspects like the technical side. Given below are FilmPark’s teams.

Filmpark Teams

Main team
Head: kandasamy.s ( Director/screenplay/script works)
Hariprasath  (cameraman)
Chandru (Actor & plan executive)
Subash Siva dev ( Director)
PK MEDIA – Predeep Kumar  ( animator and Editor )
OSM- on spot movie makers : Ram (Director)
Parthasarathy (B PUG BEAT BOX) & Mohan (singer)
And our technical teams
Januaris ( Advisor)
Arunprathap (mimicry artists)
Arun Kumar & Karthik Kumar ( Light artists)
Gowtham Burusothaman ( Marina movie Fame Actor)
Deepak & senbagamoorthy ( associate of camera works )
Offscreen arrangement helpers – Manikam , kasi, bala Vignesh, bala Krishnan.

Here’s some latest shortfilm reviews done by them

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About Shortfundly

Shortfundly is an online video streaming platform exclusively for short films, headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The company was founded by Mr. Selvam Muniyandi and Mr. Maharajan in October 2014. With a vision of connecting every filmmaker in the world, Shortfundly brings together a multitude of talented and dedicated short film actors, producers, directors, and other crucial crew members. Regarding India as the target market, Shortfundly offers 17+ categories for short films in many languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Bengali. Users can share, save, and watch their favorite short films.

Through its dedicated short film promotion platform, users can browse and watch the latest short films, promote their works, get their names listed at the various short film festivals, and also get crowdfunding for any upcoming works.

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Article Content Written by : Sai Apoorva