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In a society like ours where love is almost considered as a sin, marrying our loved ones that too with our parent’s approval isn’t that easy. Ponnira malai’s leads karthi and taaru too are in the same situation. When it comes to convincing parents personality and attitude of boy/girl becomes secondary. Community, tradition, background comes first.

Though being a well educated woman karthi’s mom too is nothing different from others when it comes to her son’s marriage. That’s our society, education has nothing to do with superstitions and beliefs. Yeah, she was too harsh with Taaru but she could have been patient and tried to explain things. Ultimately love is all about giving and forgiving!! Karthi like any many other men is stuck between his love and mom.

Understanding and respecting each other’s thoughts is something important in any relationship. The way he convinces a troubled Taaru and their happy times in a tough situation shows the strength of their relationship. The way they tackle a problem and come out of it quickly is nice to watch but seldom happens in reality. With beautiful cinematography and apt music Ponnira malai tells us the never changing state our society and the understanding and strength needed to break a small stone in the mountain of beliefs.

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