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Manase namaha – The Tamil dubbed version of Telugu short film Manasanamaha written and directed by Deepak. Falling in love is something very personal and everyone has their own point of view to it. Manase Namaha is Surya’s perspective of love concluded through the experiences from his past relationships. The film begins with the love story of Surya and Chaitra. Makers have conveyed this tale in an impressive way, starting from their breakup and ending with the beginning of their love, going in a reverse direction. Through this tale he quotes in general that girls don’t have clarity in what they want, they always want people to say they are right at any situation and some more.

They could have made these dialogues more specific as in reality not all people have the same attitude and mindset be it a boy or a girl. When most viewers think the short film ends here, surya reminds us the reality ‘People fall in love more than once’. Ten a short a short recap of surya and varsha’s love story and finally coming back to his present, his day out with sita. Though having a brisk start it becomes tiresome by the end as it turns out to be a run-of-the-mill with its narrative style losing its charm as the story progresses and the highly common dialogues adds nothing much to it. The tale has a beautiful ending with the child conveying viewers opinion on surya’s story.

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