Call him Eddy – [Short film review & Rating – 4/5]


“Call him Eddy” has something unique and strange to tell – the story of a professional cuddler ‘Edith d souza’. We need someone by our side either parents or friends or someone we trust to share our thoughts , spend time with and feel loved and this short film conveys the importance of it through the interview between riya and eddy. To be more specific the crux of the storyline is conveyed only after the interview. This shows that people understand certain things only by experiencing and not by simply hearing. Professional cuddling is something that is not approved by most Indians and there’s also fear among people that the person  might misuse the situation. Taking a storyline with mixed opinions is to be appreciated.


A storyline’s success lies in the direction. Even a good storyline tends to get conveyed in a wrong way due to a bad direction. ‘Call him Eddy’ having a storyline that most people already misunderstand and don’t approve of, there is a need for extra caution in directing this short film. The short film is a great success as it has made the audience clearly understand the point and direction has an important role in the success. We usually have a hesitation in doing something we are not sure off and the short film has well shown Riya’s hesitation in the beginning with Eddy’s therapy and that makes it more realistic.


Dialogues convey our opinions and thoughts and it’s highly important how we convey it especially while comforting a person who’s undergoing a tough time. The short film majorly revolving around eddy and riya’s conversation dialogues are obviously important. This short film has well chosen its dialogues that well explains the importance of human touch and politeness. Being the hesitation or opening up about her dad, Eisha chopra has well performed Riya’s role by clearing showing her increasing approval of eddy’s job as she knows more of it.


It is a good screenplay that could keep the audience engaged throughout the short film / movie and prevents the audience from getting bored. There is always a valid reason behind our actions and Eddy too has his own reasons for taking up cuddling as his profession leaving his well-settled previous job. By ending the short film with Eddy’s reason the message gets a strong impact on the viewers and proves as a major advantage to the short film.

Written and directed by Nikhil Joshi and Sanjeev Vig


Overall rating – 4.0

  • 1star for storyline
  • 0.7 star for plot twist
  • 0.5 star screenplay
  • 1 star for effort
  • 0.7 star for direction

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