Top 10 Best Indian Short Films On YouTube From 2020

India is a country that’s in love with the cinema. Any genre is welcome as long as it entertains us. But this is not limited just to films that we watch in the theatres. With the digital space growing at an exponential rate, the Internet has now become our go-to destination for good content.

This year 2020, some great short films were made and uploaded on YouTube and we’ve shortlisted the best ones in different categories. If you haven’t watched these yet, Don’t worry. It’s time to start watching those amazing short films.

Walt Disney Filmmaking Quote:

Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood.

– Walt Disney

Here are the Top 10 award-winning short films from the globe we saw in 2020 based on youtube view count:

We don’t want to miss the animation category on this special short film list. We believe kids will love those short films.

With such great short films in 2020 starting, we certainly have high expectations from the 2020 year and upcoming years as well.

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