Short film Only Projector

Film is, to me, just unimportant. But people are very important.

John Cassavetes


Shortfundly committed and working towards to the connected viewing experience of short films in this world. To achieve this we took another effort to bring smart projector devices to your life.

World 1st Short film Only Projector from shortfundly - filmmakers community platform

Why Projector?

You can bring this smart projector anywhere and use it everywhere. It has built-in speakers and power. To be honest, we start building this device based on amazon Alexa device inspiration and adoption by the general public and voice-enabled smart assistance in our day.

Just assume a Projector with 2 months battery life and 1460+ hours of HD video streaming watching experience. You can use your USB and cloud-stored movies to stream with this device.

We plan to launch the first video voice-enabled smart projector, which marks the beginning of a journey to explore and pioneer extraordinary video technology. We are planning to bring the aesthetics of technology to global consumers through smart devices like this type of projector.

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Shortfundly Smart Projector Specifications:

  • Lightweight and fast chargeable.
  • 5G technology-enabled.
  • Voice-enabled assistant.
  • High powerful battery power.
  • Ultra HD Video.
World 1st Short film filmmakers community platform

If you like to order the world 1st voice-enabled smart shortfundly projector, send your request to us. We will help you to get you there.

About Shortfundly

Shortfundly is an online media company that curates and shares the best short films and stories from India through our global multi-platform network. Our video and editorial platform enable a global audience to easily discover, watch and share unique stories from India anywhere on their desktop and mobile devices.

Our vision is to continually grow the community of short film audiences to enable a wide and accessible market reach for short films and become the leading micro-cinema/short film platform for India.