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This weekend shortfundly team had a chat with Kolkata agantuk films filmmakers team and this podcast will help listeners to understand the pain point of the filmmaking process and their story. This team size – 5 people. 

Kolkata agantuk films filmmakers team - filmmaking podcast session

Here’s their bio:

Ritam Saha – Director, Cinematographer ( )

Rajdip Mondal – Editor (

Arkaprabha Debangshi – sound, background score, dubbing ( ) 

Ujan Sen – Actor ( )

Subhadip Mishra – Story and Scriptwriter, Co-director ( )

This podcast hosted by shortfundly team member: Pavithra.

In this session, we have discussed these questions:

  1. How you form this team? You guys are from Kolkata. How did it happen from medical to filmmaking?
  2. How you started short film filmmaking, What inspires you?
  3. Funding is critical in filmmaking, Have you approach and get funds to make your short films? Share that experience.
  4. What’s your big achievement in your filmmaking and big failure?
  5. What effort you put in to release your short film and how you curate it online? 
  6. Have you tried any influencer marketing? – Earlier Tiktok medium helps people, but After COVID-19 impact, how you manage your filmmaking process and shoot?
  7. What online tools did you use to improve your filmmaking skills? Especially Editing (Rajdip Mondal – Editor questions) This will help first Time filmmakers and listeners to get the start.
  8. Is networking important to grow in this industry? How you form it? Refer to some good places to hang out with like-minded people in your industry? 
  9. Ujan Sen – Actor – Question – How do you prepare yourself for the shoot? To save directors time. 
  10. Arkaprabha Debangshi – sound, background score, dubbing – What online or offline tools you used in your short films? Why you choose them? 
  11. Subhadip Mishra – Story and Scriptwriter, Co-director – How much time and effort you guys took to finalize the script and story? We understand it’s an ongoing process. Sometimes on spot, or in shoot have u improved anything? Share your experience.
  12. What’s your next project plans?

The entire team actively participate and share their experience and answered all these questions. Listen now.

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Filmmaking Podcast - Share & listen stories from shortfundly

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