Top 10 Tamil Web series to Binge Watch During this Quarantine.

There are tons of good web series streaming online to boost your quarantine. If you feel confused to choose from, this article will help you to find the correct list. It will definitely be satisfying. All the streaming sites across India and all most over the world, have put more emphasis on their own programming to get you out of boredom during this lockdown. If browsing series aimlessly is daunting for you, then here is the list. (not in order though)

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1) Livin:

Livin is a rom-com web series form Madras central. It is developed with a futuristic society in mind. The story confines the life of a couple who decides to move in together and also how they face society with their decision. The plot revolves around Harish, Haritha, and Sam capturing the eventual phases in their daily lives.

Genre –  Comedy, Romance

Created and Directed by Praburam Vyas

Starring: Kannan Ravi, Amrutha Srinivasan, Naveen Geroge Thomas

Production Company: Madras Central

2) Kalyanam Conditions Apply:

It is actually a great pleasure to see Mirchi Senthil and Sreeja back together on screen, right after Saravanan Meenakshi. Kalyanam Conditions Apply is a Tamil romantic comedy web series. The plot is all about romance and the day to day life of a cute couple. This series portrays the life of a couple after love marriage, and they are completely taken in perceptive to a common man’s life.

Genre: Romance and Drama

Written and Direction: C. Jerrold

Starring: Senthil Kumar, Sreeja Chandran

Production: Mirchi Play original, TRM Sri Barati 

3) As I am suffering kadhal:

This is also a rom-com Tamil web series. The story is completely set in urban Chennai portraying the love story of four couples their perception towards modern-day love. All those featured in the series are set forth for the future generation making a way for organizing love. Romance, fights, comedy, facts all are scrupulously available throughout the season.

Genre:  Romantic Comedy

Creation and Direction: Balaji Mohan

Starring: Sunder Ramu, Balai Mohan baby Yuniva, Dhanya Balakrishnan, Nakshatra Nagesh and many more.

4) Queen:

Fine let’s pause rom-com series for a while, talking about Queen, it is a historical drama depicting the life history of Shakthi Sheshadri and her evolution towards success.The story also talks about her early childhood and also establishes the reason behind her entry into the cinema entryThe the season concludes with her political entry and emphasizes her relationship with MGR.

Genre: Historical Drama 

Direction: Gautam Menon Vasudevan, Prasath Murugesan

Starring: Ramya Krishnan, Indrajith Sukumaran, Anjana Jayaprakash and many more

Production: MX Player, Ondraga Originals

5) Kallachiripu:

How many of you are excited about thriller web series? Well, Kallachiripu is for you. A complete power-packed thriller of women on her early 20’s and her marriage.There are a series of unfortunate events that follow, after being forced into an arranged marriage. The plot takes a huge turn when unintended things happen in her life and she eventually discovers a huge truth about her husband. The consequences after that are quite unpleasant but may hit your expectations. 

Genre: Thriller

Starring: Amrutha Srinivasan, Vikas, Rajalakshmi and many more

Developed by Karthik Subbaraj

Writing and direction:  Rohit Nandhakumar

Production: Stone bench

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6) Topless:

This is actually an action-drama series and the story begins with 3 different gangs who are in search of a particular suspicious painting. Though the goal is the same, they have a different back story and also a different reason to get the painting. When these characters get Brutally engaged in the quest for the painting and then comes a breakthrough for suspense. The series includes dark comedy and adult content, so be prepared. Parental guidance is recommended for kids.

Genre: Action and drama

Starring: Harish Uthaman, Guru Somasundaram and many more.

Creation and Direction: Dinesh Mohan

7) Half boil

The half boil is an entertaining web series of 3 bachelors and all the incidents that are happening in their daily life. The story becomes even more interesting when they start to co-live with 2 spinsters. You will be definitely surprised by the pleasant twists in the plot and I wonder why they haven’t made the next season yet.

Genre: Drama

Starring: Gopi, Sudhakar, and Javith

Director – Lingesh Kumar mani

Production: Kavi Puvi Via Pvt Ltd.

8) Breathe:

Who can skip to watch Maddy on-screen and obviously who can avoid a thriller series? Yes, it’s a thriller web series by actor Madavan and the story is about a rigorous cat and mouse game between Madhavan and his co-star. Both these men have their own backstory and they are unveiled at the right proportions to attach the audience emotionally. With an engaging screenplay, it is a must-watch web series in this lockdown.

Genre: Thriller

Direction: Mayank V Sharma 

Production: Abundantia Entertainment 

Starring- R Madhavan, Amit Sadh, Sapna Pabbi and Neena Kulkarni.

9) Iru Duruvam:

Again a thriller for your list, Nandha badly wanted a good film amidst his failures so he comes back with a breakthrough. The web series was greatly welcome by the audience and is very engaging as well. I binge-watched it and I highly recommend for the Audience to do the same. Nandha was perfectly suited to the police officer role and also to the role of a humble father. We’ll get ready to roller coaster ride experience. You will be definitely surprised

Genre: Thriller

Direction: M Kumaran

Starring: Nandha, Ravi Jiva, Abhirami Iyer, Sebastian  Anthony

Production: Sammer and Pramod

10) Postman:

Any Munishkanth fans out there? Here comes the most loved comedian on screen. The story is quite more interesting, it is about a postman fulfilling his duty by settling all the undelivered letters  to the recipients after waking up from a comma. To your concern, this happens 23 years later. There are also parallel twists happening with the recipients after receiving the letter.

Genre: Comedy Drama

Direction: Prashanth Gunasekaran

Starring: Keerthi Pandian and Munishkanth

Start enjoying the list before you end this quarantine.

Stay home, stay safe.

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