The Journey of the Superstar through 5 Decades.

Rajinikanth aka Shivaji Rao Gaekwad has traveled a wholesome of five decades in the cine industry. He has been an icon to the whole of the south Indian cinema. Though there are many stars in the industry people still get a unique hype for the superstar BGM.

“Rajinikanth claims that I am his school. But I must admit that this wasn’t the Rajinikanth I introduced. He has evolved on his own merits and strengths. I gave him an opportunity and unveiled him to the world. He went and conquered it.”

—K. Balachander about Rajinikanth

Starting from Apoorva Ragangaal where he entered as an abusive husband of actress Srividya, to Darbar, of being a soulful father and a moral commissioner of police, he has been a king to his roles.

Moving on with his fantabulous gestures and style has earned a lot of recognition among the audience. Even though his first major role in K.Balachandar’s Telugu film Anthuleni Katha did not seek much attention, but his major breakthrough was through his supervillain performance in Moondru Mudichu, which was also a Balachandar’s film. With his consecutive mild roles, he has worked in almost all the south Indian cinemas from 1975 to 1979. But Billa was his first film to portray him as an action hero, the dual role he played added an extra gem to his career.  Following this, he did a triple role in Mundru Mugam which got him a special appreciation. His first long comedy film Thillu Mullu was also a huge success to his career.

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Later he was renowned again to be an action hero in Maniratnam’s Thalapathi. Further movies as Bhasha, Anamalai, Uzhaipali, Padayapa, and Baba made the crucial dignified style of his gestures. Among this Muthu was also a great success, which was actually released in Japan across 50 screens and it completed with the highest box office collections in the Japanese market. This is where people got more and more Rajinified and was more found in his movies.

After Baba, he took a solid three-year break and came back with the highest gross Tamil film Chandramuki. Which almost brought everyone attention with Vadivel’s hilarious comedy scenes and Rajinikanth’s heroic performance.

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After Chandramuki, Rajini’s Experiment with Kuselan did not turn out as expected. Although the story revolved around Pasupathy’s character, the film was portrayed, promoted as a Rajni movie. Thanks to this marketing flaw the experiment turned out to be a disaster.

Director Shankar came to Rajni’s revival as AVM decided to a movie with this combo. This mass commercial film tuned out to the highest grosser for Rajni. After this movie, he became the second highest-paid actor, only after Jackie Chan.  Shivaji also lead the path to another blockbuster Endhiran. The Chitti robot character will never be forgotten.

Rajni decided to dive again into the experiment spree, even deeper this time. The movie with a huge star cast, Deepika Padukone, Rajni, Sarath Kumar, and many more, the film went down with Rajni getting admitted to the hospital immediately after the shoot began. Later the experiment grew into a costlier one when the team decided to turn this venture into a Motion Capture Film. Even though the story was strong enough, the fort could not hold long. The film did not run well.

Disaster after disaster came to screens namely, Lingaa. Kabali and 2.0 received mixed reviews. The same is applicable to Kaala and Petta.

With the upcoming movie Annatha under production, the stakes are huge. Will 2021 Pongal turn out to be a memorable one? Only time will answer.

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