Now you can thank your creative talented independent filmmaker with a tip!

Filmmaking industry to struggling to tackle down this COVID-19 and lockdown environment. But, every individual responsibility to make sure safe and maintain hygienic environment. To help independent creative talents & filmmaker and show your appreciation, we’ve launched a tipping feature on our website video viewing page. For example: Visit this page – You will […]

Filmmaking Podcast - Share & listen stories from shortfundly

Filmmaking Podcast – Share & listen stories from shortfundly

This weekend shortfundly team had a chat with Kolkata agantuk films filmmakers team and this podcast will help listeners to understand the pain point of the filmmaking process and their story. This team size – 5 people.  Here’s their bio: Ritam Saha – Director, Cinematographer ( ) Rajdip Mondal – Editor ( Arkaprabha Debangshi – sound, […]

Tips to Market Your Short Film in online

Tips to Market Your Short Film with Shortfundly

Short film filmmakers have sweated their brows on making short films and have endeavored to get their films noticed. The unexcelled way to get your film distinguished is to market your short film is through the platform of Shortfundly. Why Choose Shortfundly? Shortfundly is in association with bumper film festivals. On the Shortfundly site, you […]