How to come up with ideas for short films?

Scratching your head to dig out some catchy ideas for a short film? Well, here are some tips to under lock those peachy ideas whirling and wheeling in your brainbox.


  1. Observation

Observe and reflect upon the things around to aid bonzer ideas to pop up in your mind. Film the world around, contemplate the surroundings, the perpetual happenings and create a real-life short film. Speculate peculiar, strange and freakish scenarios. They definitely make up a fantastic story. Thus, forecast and create lively plots and characters. Read the newspaper, perceive the incidents, because ‘reality is stranger than fiction ‘and build a story.


  1. Writing exercise

“Practice puts brains in your muscle”- Sam Snead.

The writing exercise is essential for bringing out quirky ideas residing within you. For instance, write for 10-15 minutes continuously. There is no need to worry about the content of the write-up, whether it will build up a qualified story or no. You are particularly looking for an idea. Somewhere within the write-up, you may end up finding a beautiful idea. So brush up on your writing skills, practice and perceive.


  1. Play the word porn

Design a list of words, images that approach your mind. Connect these words figures and pictures to come up with an idea. Start with an image or a word. Model a story around that. Compile the script, phrases and vision together.


  1. Possess a Vision Diary

Ideas may blunder on in the weirdest time, maybe in the middle of the night, in a bizarre dream, or while hanging out with friends. Imprison those absorbing ideas in your dream journal. Never let such ideas slip by. Indulge into amusing activities. Revivify the matter in the brain and arrest the great ideas that come by.


  1. Adapt from other stories or films

“A little reading is all the therapy a person needs sometimes”

You can come across an idea after reading the works of others or watching short films. So, adapt from these narratives or films. Adopt the concept and recreate and a whole new thing with interesting twists. Watching, deeming and contemplating about other stories or short films will instill artistic ideas in your perception.


  1. Explore. Dream. Discover!

Adequate knowledge is required for coining a film. Do research on topics that interest you. Analysis and fact-finding will put you across some fascinating ideas. Don’t just breathe life, live life. Let your thrills, experiences and dynamic episodes be the basis of your idea. Well, you already have the wings; all you have to do is flying.


  1. Film the real life

There are always interesting events happening around you. Pen them down. It’s not necessary for a short film to be a fiction. Make a documentary. Look down into the history. Apprehend ideas from there. History always has compelling stories to offer.


And yes not to forget to keep your short films simple, lucid, unfussy and honest!

So yes you are great to go!

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