Who’s really fit in Product Managers role in a startup

As Product Managers, We love products. Here’s our responsibility list and it mainly contains lot of WH Questions.

  1.  We focus first on delivering value to our users
  2. We know who we are building for and what we are building
  3. We know why we are building it and where we are building to long term
  4. We communicate the who, what, why and where clearly, concisely and frequently
  5. We communicate with anyone and everyone who is interested, but most importantly to our engineering, design and BD teams
  6. We let our teams determine how to build.
  7. We pursue excellence by thinking bigger and bolder than is comfortable
  8. We don’t settle for good enough
  9.  We choose right over easy
  10. We choose simplicity over complexity
  11. We don’t make excuses
  12. We take responsibility
  13. We are tirelessly curious . Very very important one
  14. We respect our competitors, not fear them
  15. We understand why we win and what we must do to keep winning
  16. We lead by example
  17. We succeed by making others successful
  18. We listen first and make certain that others feel that they’ve been heard
  19.  We rally our teams behind a vision that yields passion and commitment
  20.   We value and foster strong team relationships.
  21. We use words and take actions that embody a can-do attitude
  22. We trust others to do their jobs well but we verify that they are done right
  23. We adjust to our audiences and situations
  24. We are decisive when needed, but always collaborative.
  25. We provide focus through prioritization
  26.  We increase quality through iteration
  27. We don’t like surprises, so we prepare for them.
  28. We fill in the gaps and do whatever it takes to get the job done
  29.  We don’t wait to be told what to do
  30. We don’t fear failure and we strive to improve.


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