Introducing Ask Me Anything (AMA) in filmmakers community

Events have always been a great place to connect with some amazing speakers and learn from their wealth of knowledge & share information with peers. However, in the modern fast-paced times, it’s always a challenge to be physically present for every event that we wish to be part of. Also, sometimes, it’s challenging to even get enough time to discuss with them given the number of other attendees who are waiting to connect with the same speaker offline.

Not Anymore! Introducing “Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions” on shortfundly. Instead of you traveling to all these events to connect with the speakers, we are now getting them right to your doorstep. You can ask any questions you have and get all of them answered completely hassle-free!

So what is an AMA?

AMA aka Ask Me Anything sessions are online chat sessions with leading film industry experts, short film directors, producers, and key influencers from the short film filmmakers community.

How does an AMA work?

It’s quite simple!

  1. We go out and get highly knowledgeable speakers for you to interact with and then make them available for you on
  2. Once the speaker is listed on the AMA page on shortfundly, you can start asking questions right away. The AMA Session window for asking questions will be open for 2 weeks before the speaker comes down to answers them.
  3. The speaker would come live for 2 hours on the specified date and time and will be available for 2 hours to answer all the questions that were put across on the AMA page over the last 2 weeks.
  4. If you want to interact directly with the speaker live, you are welcome to ask to follow up questions during the stipulated 2 hours and he/she will respond.

Why is AMA the coolest?

No More Travel!

It doesn’t matter wherever you are across the globe, you can start asking questions instantly by visiting from any device.

Get Personalized Answers

Each of your questions is individually listed and reviewed by the speaker. Each question will get a personalized responses depending on the uniqueness and quality of the question.  

Chat at Your Own Convenience

Since the shortfundly AMA is made live 2 weeks ahead of the actual speaker visit, you can start asking questions whenever you are free. The speaker will clear all of them in one single shot when he/she comes live onto the platform.

Available to Read Forever!

Yes! You read it right. The chats are available on the site forever, so even if you end up missing being live when the speaker is online, there is nothing to worry about. You can come back anytime later and read the complete chat just like any other article on any website.

New Speakers Every Week

We are working hard to get you new film industry speakers across the globe every week as we totally believe that caring is about sharing knowledge and growing together.

This is exciting! How do I get started?

It’s a breeze! Sign up on and browse the AMA’s from the menu. Click the speaker you wish to interact with and start shooting questions!

Watch Recent Ask me anything session from shortfundly team:

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Latest 2020 Ask me anything session posters from shortfundly:

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