THATHA – Award Winning Heart Touching Short Film Review

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Written & Direction

Cast: Rahul Thatha

Many curious directors are budding with creative thoughts and prove their skills step by step. Short Films have become a perfect platform for these experiments. It is amazing to note that Director Raja who has worked with Rahul Thatha came up with a heart touching short film. Heart touching and message-oriented films have become rare. The backdrop of the story is at a village and the story is about an old man and a dog. Both of them fall in affection with each other, within 26.32 minutes, the audience can feel the pain of affection between them.

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Most of the scenes in the film are in and around the village with the bonding between old man and dog. The two-lonely-souls-connect-under-bizarre-circumstances template is admittedly one of modern cinema’s most colorful indulgences. Music was also carefully done. Camera work is extraordinary with the mark and selection of locations is the highlight.

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