The 5 Best British TV Shows Everyone Needs to Watch At Least Once

  1. Black Mirror

Ever since it first aired in 2011, this dystopian Sci-fi anthology television series has been urging viewers to understand and analyse everything around them. A take on the unanticipated consequences of modern technology, this 5- season series will take you on a thrilling and suspenseful journey through a perfectly utilised dark shroud on technology and the life linked to it.

Available on: Netflix

  • Sherlock

A modern take on the greatest detective of all of time,-created by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – and his fellow partner as well as greatest friend, Dr. Watson, this four- season TV series will take you on a journey of suspense, thrills, and efficiently picked cases from the legendary detective stories ever created.  Despite the last episode of the final season giving justice to the story, fans are still hoping for another season.

Available on: Netflix

  • Peaky Blinders

If there is any show that had boasted a better return on investment, it has to be Peaky Blinders. Based on the aftermath of World War I and the formation of gangs, this 5 season series will take you on a journey of adrenaline rush with it action scenes, to loving the characters with its beautifully tailored storyline. Cillian Murphy has done justice to the character of Thomas Shelby. This is a must watch for viewers who like adrenaline rushing cult fictions.

Available on: Netflix

  •  The IT Crowd

What happens when 3 people with different personalities work at the same office? First aired on 2006, The IT Crowd is all about that. Two longtime geek friends and their colleague who has zero knowledge of computers, this four season show takes you on a series of laughter, and real- life takes on the corporate world.

Available on: Netflix, Channel 4

  •  FleaBag

Based on a play performed by Ms. Waller Bridge at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013, this unique 2 season series takes you on a journey of a single woman living alone in a big city. As the show progresses, it will get as biting and hilarious as it can, and will give everyone out there a relatable take on our everyday lives.

Available on: Amazon Prime

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