Depression- a term we hear everywhere. Nearly everyone- among the people we know, and the ones we might not know have this crippling disease, that affect their mental as well as their physical health drastically, especially among the youth. What exactly causes depression? Google will show you various reasons like stress, but what mostly causes depression is the sadness lingering with the deep corners of the mind- when one does not know how to deal with the ever increasing pain in their mind caused by the evils of the society. But nowadays, majority of people tend to pretend to be depressed, which drastically affects the meaning of the whole situation. People who are actually affected, often get ignored and called out which adds to their pain and despair, while the ones who pretend receive the most attention. Anxiety is another illness often found in adolescents and teens. It is often caused by restlessness, stress, overworking, etc.

Depression is an epidemic that is more deadly which has a cure which is a bit complicated, but effective at a very wide range. Whenever you see a friend or acquaintance being restless, overworked, and often showing strange behaviors, talk- speak with that person, provide the mental support, because we never know the reasons behind someone’s pain.