How to make a movie

Making a movie sounds like a dream. It involves a load of effort and loads of perseverance, and sometimes, people think that making a movie is a far reach to achieve at times. For it involves a lot of investment at many cases. Some people dont know where to start when they are making a short film, and thats what we are going to be discussing about, but on a preliminary level.

The first act on making a short film, is taking care of the requirements. We should make sure that we have a quality camera, to make the short film look professional.
The second step would be to decide on how we are planning to edit our short film. Though editing in possible in the camera itself, it would ore often look like a clumsy act, and therefore, the filmmaker should decide on what he/she is going to do to edit the movie, and it is highly preferred to choose, which software he will be using to edit the movie, because, it will help them align their scenes in the movie while shooting.
The third step would be to, decide on the locations where the scenes of the movie would be shot. A filmmaker cannot go about shooting scenes at random spots, but he should rather have a sketchy idea on his mind with regards to location. At times, a few locations might have the need to be accessed with permission, which has to be sorted out before shooting.
The final preliminary step is to decide on the people who will be working along with the filmmaker throughout the process of making the movie. If he/she isnt planning on the people, the whole process of making a movie would be like a loosely connected cord.