Top Film-making tools for short-films

Hey, in my understanding. Are we still depend on hardware and software for making shortfilm. i don’t think so. Put all your video work on cloud storage medium. Ther’s no dependancy in hardware and software. All you need to know about the tools used for filmmaking. For example, photo editing tool OR shortfilm poster editing and creation tool. I would recommenda . It’s wonderful online tool helps you to create posters for your film effortlessly.

So, get to know more about tools used for filmmaking and pre-production as well as post-production tools. Directly asnwer to your question, In my understanding, hardware nothing but you have to have good DSLR camera to shoot your film and software nothing but online tools.

For more poster creation tools refer this link –

From post production stand point , i refer this link –

This will help you to promote your films in creative way.