10 things that college students can do in their vacation to improve their creativity

Hello friends, this is selvam from Team shortfundly. Hope you are really enjoying your vacation. Do you know something, I definitely miss my yearly vacations ever since I am out of the college life. It is that time of the year, that we can play cricket, play lot of video games, watch a lot of cricket, enjoy time with friends, girlfriend(s), boyfriend(s), watch our favorite movies, watch all new movies, watch TV all day or simply do nothing 🙂

But you can do a few more things which will increase your creativity by a big margin and make you clear your day easily. So what are those things? Let’s see them one by one.

By increasing creativity through making short film movie script . Lot of us, by error, we took engineering college. So, To correct those errors this is the right time.

  1. Take up a mini project in your area of interest (like making short film)
  2. Get Technically strong (to know more about camera and DSLR knowledge)
  3. Create a your short film maker Profile on shortfundly
  4. Network with professionals
    • Try to meet your alumnis / short film professionals and get some knowledge from them.  You can use shortfundly expert column as a medium to start the discussions.
  5. Attend meetups in your city (4 hours on select weekends)
    • A lot of passionate folks are organising meetups/group discussions around a lot of topic.  Just pick your favorite topic and search for a meetup that is happening in your locality either through Facebook Groups or through meetup.com

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