Tips for Making Great Shortfilms – filmmaking 101

Shortfilms are probably the most difficult artistic medium to create great work, and the industry itself is a notoriously difficult place to succeed. Here’s the tips to help filmmakers work smarter and make better shortfilms.

  1. Choosing your team
  2. The most important part of any film or video is the story and characters involved in that shortfilm
    • It’s not the fact that you’re using the latest camera and techniques. Make sure the script and story is the best it can be – rewrite, rethink, rewrite and rewrite! Show the script to your harshest critics and ask for feedback. You might not agree with all their thoughts and ideas but it will at least prompt you to improve on the story and choice of team you choose for acting.
  3. Be economical with shortfilm pre-production
    • Prepare for every possibility and visualize the shortfilm in your head before you go on set.
  4. Always show/give your appreciation
    • ShortFilm making is a collaborative process; you can’t do it alone. A thank you can go a long way!
  5. Don’t complain your team
    • Filmmaking is an amazing profession, but sometimes it really pushes you to your limits when you’re working long hours in extreme conditions. The key to getting through the hard days is to not complain, as it will only bring morale down and make the experience even harder for yourself and those around you. Instead focus on the positive; focus on the fact that you’re making a film with an incredible group of like minded people. And remember to smile 🙂

These tips will come in handy not only when you’re making shortfilms with your friends on the weekends, but when you’re in the depths of the industry, working on larger projects with huge budgets.

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