Shortfilm makers frequently asked questions about shortfundly

Shortfilm sharing online platformWhat is Shortfundly?

Shortfundly curates the best from shortfilm / independent film makers to make sure indies have an audience. Short film filmmakers have worked hard to create these incredible films. Movie lovers deserve to be able to see them!

You can learn more about Shortfundly, and even get to know the team!

Do I need to create an account to watch a film?

Yes, you must require an account to watch films on Shortfundly. it will helps us to know your movie tastes and preferences accurately to give you better shortfilm watching experience

Do I need to pay money to watch a film?

No. It’s completely free. You can watch Indies or shorts for free. It is free to browse our library and check out trailers, so you can get a taste of how the full film is going to be.

Are all the films on the site shorts?

Yes. We have hundreds of films to explore and sink into, not including full-length features and documentaries. Of course, there are lots of shorts available, to watch during a coffee break, or while waiting at the doctor’s office or in line at airport security.

What do I need to watch films on Shortfundly?

Just a broadband with video streaming speed good Internet connected device.

Is the Shortfundly web site secure?

Yes. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

What if I forget my password or want to change my password?

You can request for a password change through forgot password section in Login

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