Open source tool for creating 3D shortfilms

If you plan to take create 3D shortfilms, I would recommend these tools help us to make animation characters.

The Blender Foundation released its third open movie, Sintel, which you can watch below and onYouTube. Just like its previous short films online, the Blender Foundation used only open-source or free software to produce movies of at least 10 minutes for everyone to rejoice and learn about the potential of the 3D animation software and video editor Blender.

Blender is cross-platform so you can learn the basics right now with the QuickStart and plenty of other tutorials on the official site and all over the net. Blender’s not the only 3D content creation software available for free though.

Just to name a few more tools:

  1. Google SketchUp that’s great to create buildings and objects,
  2. Wings 3D, a cross-platform, open-source  3D modeler,
  3. MakeHuman, another cross-platform, open-source tool to model human characters,
  4. Sculptris, free Windows-only 3D modeling and sculpting software,
  5. MeshLab, cross-platform and open-source tool to process 3D scans,
  6. trueSpace, a free Windows-only 3D content creation tool.

There are a few more alternatives which you can see here but Blender seems to be very popular so most of the following open-source-generated masterpieces are made with this powerful suite.

The Blender Foundation’s Sintel is a 12-minute short film released online on September 30th, 2010 that was independently produced (initially funded through donations) with only open-source software over 10 months in Amsterdam. The software used includes these below mentioned tools:

  1. Inkscape, an open-source vector graphics editor comparable to Adobe Illustrator,
  2. GIMP, the open-source Photoshop alternative that you can start learning now with videoand text tutorials,
  3. Blender, which was discussed in the fascinating post, What Is CGI Animation [Technology Explained] and has been used to create even video games,
  4. MyPaint, a painting program, and Krita, a sketching and painting application that’s part ofKOffice. Both are cross-platform.\

Big Buck Bunny is an award-winning animated short film released online by the Blender Foundation in 2008.

According to the official site, Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie released by the Blender Foundation in 2006 after 8 months of work. You can’t seem to order the DVD anymore, but you can watch and download it online.

The Cup from Pepe School Land via Blender Nation and Tech Drive-In: This consists of superbly made and hilarious short made in Blender by students of a Barcelona-based animation school.

Taste Lab by ICEBOX Studios via Tech Drive-In: This is a short comedy (about a girl tester in a food lab) that was produced in 5 months with Blender.

South Park Animation by dirtyblender: Here’s an unofficial animation that was produced in a month also solely in Blender.

Rainboy by 3dddie: This is a short film made in full in 5 days with Blender, GIMP and Inkscape.

Very cute Anime clip, HapiLoli from tomo via Blender Nation that uses Blender.

I hope you got an idea about blender and it’s usage. Share your views about how this open source tool help film makers.

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