Find your angels through Shortfundly!

Got a short film and searching for funds? Shortfundly is the right place for you. Gather crowd-fund with this startup’s help. Turn your passion into your career. Film festivals attract film industry representatives who are looking for the next phenomenal film director, writer, cinematographer or actor. Submit short films to film festivals through Shortfundly and gain recognition for your work.

Got to find producers and crew members? Connect with other short film makers and artists through Shortfundly. Want to know the quality of your work? Get ranked among other film makers and improve your field knowledge.

Got a keen eye for films and interesting stories? Shortfundly is the right place for you. You can watch, share, and save short films you like. Stream short films not only on your laptop but also in your phones using the android and ios application.

Shortfundly was founded in September 2015 by Selvam Muniyandi, who has over 11 years of experience in video advertising along with P. Maharajan. Unlike Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, Shortfundly is committed to serve as a platform only for short films. This enables both short film makers and producers to find the person according to their requirements.

Shortfundly makes money mainly through video ads and partnership with film festivals.

So let your hard work and the road a bright and a filmy future meet at Shortfundly!!!

Join creative filmmakers platform – shortfundly now. 

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