Nishir Dak: Review by Shortfundly

Direction and cinematography:

All thriller movies have a clichéd pattern of taking revenge or something very terrific. But this includes very unusual yet different patterns to entertain the audience. The direction was very perfect and all the scenes in the short film are very engaging. The direction and cinematography by Abhi, Ankit, and Sayantan is a bondage work executing the art of thriller. Like all other dramas, the film also revolves around a home that has been haunted. And a set of people doing an album enters the house in order to shoot their dance album. And the rest of the story implies the horror in the script with highly modified comedy dialogues.


Definitely, a horror to a movie is induced only by music and BGMs. What else could make a film more thrilling? The music director has played a virtual role and has enhanced the thrill to the core. The movie also has a pause and a raise of sounds, which makes it even more exciting.


The screenplay done by Pal and Abhi is sure to be praised. The whole play revolves around a home and is also made completely in a dark environment. The effort taken to bring liveliness to the whole play is very exciting. The whole short film is short during night time completely devoid of natural light. However, the team enhances it with a perfect screenplay.


All the actors in the movie were very real and especially the Anupam and Rohan controversial dialogues are hilarious and make the play very engaging. Including the dance by both the artist was also a slight distraction from being a complete thriller. On the whole, the whole crew has done a well-defined justice to their role.

Cast and crew:

Direction and cinematography: Abhi , Ankit, and Sayantan

Actors: Priyanka, Olivia, Anupam, Rohan, Priyanka B, Rohit, Sushmita, Pal and Sumona
Screenplay: Pal and Abhi

Makeup: Nilanjana & Monika


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