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This film is a futuristic concept set in 2040, revolves around the conversation between a couple. They have illustrated the perks that the current generation is enjoying that goes out missing for the future generation. The silent and hollowness effect throughout the film shows that people are getting exterminated.

They convey a message to the present generation to withhold and conserve nature to avoid drastic effects in the future. The effect of deforestation is also well portrayed. The black and white color of the film depicts the fictional nature of the content. Being surrounded by a multicolored world, the significance of using a black and white screen to depict the far future is hard-hitting.  The film delineates the effect of pollution on earth in the next 20 – 25 years. 

The importance of oxygen is having been revealed to enhance the concept of fresh air. The value of oxygen is being enumerated through the usages of air pouches, that are being sold by the corporate companies. The last words of the protagonist to his wife brings out the problem of pollution. The consequence of pollution including both air and water is washing out the generation.

The point of mankind extinction is screen played very effectively. While at the same time mankind has often related how rich he was by the amount of sophistication and the wealth he could gather. This has been exactly portrayed by the shots that are shown at the beginning of the movie and the setup from the dialogue takes place.

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The dominance of the corporates and MNC’s could have been portrayed better and their contribution towards the growth of the society plays an important role. The effect of corporate dominance over poor people is intolerable.  The corporate’s conscience of gaining through the situation while not taking part in the betterment of the generation is a default scenario. They are ones who decide the price of everything they manufacture and its availability too. The hard-hitting fact is they have also become the deciding factor of how much we even should breath. Well, this sums it up. The day when we aren’t the bosses of our own body, we have given ends to the hands of a corporate industry to decide our fate and life expectancy. 

Hence they come out with a moral of teaching the generation to conserve nature and not destroying it to the near future generations.

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