“A Driver Story” – Latest Telugu Short Film – Review & Rating – 3.0/5


A driver story shows a mix of humor and greed. The story is thrilling to watch as the narration doesn’t show till the end who is the hero and who is a villain. Even when both of them are villains the short film is worth a watch. 

The amazing thing about the short film is that the whole scene is shot in a single room. It’s a prove of wonderful narration and direction. It holds the eye of the audience. 

Both the actors playing the cop and don did a very good job with the dialogues. The dialogues have been very intriguing. Additionally, the use of the game of chess was a full string strike on the real game board. Relating the real-life characters with a game of chess put on the competition between the two.

The story is just not about a cop and a don, it is about the corruption and greed in a police officer with a lack of humor and a fantastic turning table leadership quality of the don.  

The don portrayed himself as a common innocent driver and starting it with such a powerful lie was a bang. Accepting a child having a wife is a really common story but highly believable. The don played his part very well. He was eyeing the cop really carefully and as soon as he shows his greed, the don caught his weakness and hit on him at the right moment. 

It shows a message that never shows your weakness to anyone. Also being a cop or even a normal person we shouldn’t believe anyone so easily. It’s so easy to manipulate these days by telling a sorrowful emotion.


The director took the audience in a thrilling way where the driver turns to a don. In the direction, the driver had two shades in one character. Almost the whole film has gone in a thrilling way.


The way one expressing the dialogues is very important because it makes the audience understand better. In this short film, the dialogue is expressed very nice and it is understandable. Even though in this short film there are only two characters are involved the dialogue is been expressed perfectly. The first half tells the deal between the driver and the policeman the second half tells the deal between the don (i.e.,) the driver, and the policeman.


This short film has a good screenplay where the people couldn’t find what would have the next scene happened and at last, there was a brilliant twist in the story which made the audience enjoy.

Overall Rating: 3.0/5

A Driver Story - Telugu Short film review & rating

Article credits goes to Akshaya lakshmi & Avani Singhal from shortfundly team.

A Driver Story Short film Posters:

A driver story - Telugu short film poster
A driver story - Telugu short film poster

This short film got selected in 2 international film festival events.

So, Don’t miss this short film. It’s worth spending time to watch this short film without further delay.

Cast & Crew Details:

Written & Directed by: Vasanth K Karanam

Starring: Guru , Srinivasa Rao Poludasu.

Presented by  : KARA KREATIONS

In association with Pushpak Takies

Producers: V.K.V.Krishna, Vasanth K Karanam

Executive Producer: G. Praveen

DOP: Ameer

Background Music: Kabir Rafi

Titles & Editor : CARTHIC CUTS

DI: Balaji Reddy

Sound Effects: Shafi Fx

VFX: Madhu Bhavanasi

Poster Designs: Upender VFX

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