Top 5+ Coronavirus short film


We are a short film filmmakers community platform to help and understand more about Coronavirus spreading in this world. Now, people started making some serious as well as funny short film videos around it.

We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies

Walt Disney

We try to bring it as a collection of Coronavirus short films around the globe. It will make us understand each other about that Coronavirus.

Top 5+ Coronavirus short film from filmmakers community in this world

Stage dramas, short movies, and films make people aware of this Coronavirus. In India, people use street plays to awareness of such critical issues in this world. Let’s make use of the cinema medium to reach rural people as well.

Note: We are not listing and showing this short film to any specific country.

If you feel to add any specific short film that you or your friends or any student filmmakers community made and not get any visibility to this world. Please submit to our platform shortfundly

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We should not create any panic situation for this case.

We don’t have access to these films. It’s just a random collection of short films from youtube.

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