Choose your food in common with your personality.

Though quarantine has eased many hurdles in our life. It’s still the worst scenario for those who are working from home. Zomato is here for your concern. To those extroverts who miss their companions, Zomato is here with an option to find the right food that matches your personality. Food is always an excellent companion […]

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Short film - Free Promotion Android App - Shortfundly

‘Shortfundly’, a breakthrough for short filmmakers.

There must be an interesting thought process that must have gone through Selvam’s mind while he was graduating from his business administration.  While many of them want 6 figure paying jobs at the end of the month, Selvam and his friend Maharajan had other ideas. The movie buff in him probably peeked out at the […]

Shortfundly for brands & filmmakers

Hi, If you are a brand or filmmaker, simply write to us at – and let us create amazing, customized campaigns for you with India’s largest community of online influencers! Send us your request to our shortfundly business WhatsApp Account +91-9884452159 How Does It Work? Share a brief background of your brand, the type of Influencers […]