Tik Tik Tik – Film Review

Watching movies has always been fun for people. People generally consider watching a movie when they really want to have a break from life. In the recent times, movies are highly large in number when the productions are considered. Choosing a movie under a particular category that would interest you would be a difficult task, and that’s when movoe reviews would come into action. But, a review of the movie would also be be helpful for people who are looking for the suggestions and ideas to produce a movie themselves. People who plan to produce a short film find their inspiration from movies and find their reach through movie reviews.

Tik Tik Tik is a movie which beautifully portrays the love between a father and his son. As the movie is the first Tamil movie to talk about space and also take the audience on a journey to the space beautifully, this movie was a good reach to the audience. The movie is a good choice for a family, for as mentioned already, the story beautifully portrays how a father and a son are sharing a very beautiful bond and how much they strive to maintain their relationship though they are apart due to circumstances.
This movie could also be put into the thriller genre, for the twist and turns in the last moment of the story has made the story quite interesting. The characterization of each and every character in the movie has been carefully drafted for the viewers to enjoy the screen space that they share on the movie and also enjoy their appearance on the big screen. Overall, the movie is a good watch!

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