Film festival & film institutes in India

Film festivals showcases unique and award winning movies which will further be classified for worthy movies and film makers. A good film maker seeks such events as an opportunity to share his film making skill and identity. Search and find local film festivals to Go through these links to get some understanding on list […]

Latest short-film film festival event in India 2019

Here’s the list of film festival events going to happen in 2019. If you have quality film then go ahead and submit it. submit your #shortfilm to this #filmfestival event – 3rd Indapur National Short Film Festival 2019 . check it out submit your #shortfilm to this #filmfestival event by @ocnsff – Orange City National Short Film Festival . check it out  submit […]

Benefits of Participating In Film Festivals!

Exposure & Manifest of Talent Film festivals bestow filmmakers the largest platform to demonstrate and uncover their hidden talent and knack. It is through this momentous platform, that filmmakers can unveil their artistry to a voluminous and global audience. When makers submit a film to a festival, they most importantly acquire the acceptance of the […]